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ROYAL REVIEW: Hue Hemp Hello Royal Fam, hoping you all enjoy your Day!Let’s get to rolling & fire up πŸ”₯ my ROYAL REVIEW of Hue Hemp. I am immensely impressed with Hue Hemp! 1st off, their customer service is incredibly friendly & helpful. They let  me know exactly what items they’d be sending me &   provided me with the package’s tracking number.  The package Hue Hemp sent arrived VERY quick & all items were perfectly in tact. I was HIGHLY impressed with the way all of the items were packaged. The pre-rolls come in durable, twist-top containers..absolutely perfect for containing extinguished j’s & their smell! The flower packs are thick, smell proof & resealable-keeping your flower fresh! Most impressive of all is the fact that Hue Hemp provided  3rd party lab test results for all three strains, “Eddie”, “LIT” & “G.A.S.”! KNOW WHAT YOU ARE CONSUMING; DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK FOR 3rd PARTY RESULTS. A quality company with nothing to h

15 Strange But True CBD/Cannabis/Hemp Facts

15 Strange but True CBD/Cannabis/Hemp Facts Hello & welcome Royal Fam, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Sincerely, I appreciate you all for visiting & supporting my site! I hope you’ve enjoyed the content I’ve shared on my website as well as on my Instagram, @princesscbd, so far & will continue to be part of the Royal Fam. I’ve got so much more in store for you all, stay tuned! Much love to you all! Let’s have a little fun today, Fam! BEHOLD! I present to you all... 15 Strange but True CBD/Cannabis/Hemp Facts CBD & Cannabis: In the 19th century, Queen Victoria of England used CBD-rich cannabis to alleviate menstrual cramps. SEE! Royal CBD enthusiasts have been around for centuries!) Cannabis: Aged cannabis makes you sleepier. When THC degrades over time, it converts to a sedating chemical called cannabinol (aka CBN). This cannabis compound is five times more sedating than THC, though it’s fairly slow to form. Hemp: A 1619 law REQUIRED

ROYAL REVIEW: Grav Labs Glass Blunt

ROYAL REVIEW: Grav Labs Glass Blunt Hello Royal Fam, I hope you’re all having a pleasant day! Let’s make it even MORE pleasant by talking about this sweet little piece by the ALREADY PRINCESS APPROVED πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ Grav Labs.  I’d like to start this review by stating the fact that Grav Labs is one of my absolute favorite brands in the glass game. I own/have owned pieces made by them prior to my purchase of their glass blunt & have never been anything less than totally pleased with their products. Quality at its finest! What About This Product? I REALLY dig Grav Labs glass blunt! It is super easy, quick & convenient to load & cash. Pull back the plunger, load, push plunger forward to ash. The most simple & convenient blunt you will ever have the pleasure of enjoying! Grav Labs Glass Blunt is made with heavy-walled glass for excellent heat resistance & durability. It’s 4” when compressed & 6” when fully extended. Perfect for shared seshes or pers

ROYAL REVIEW: Alpen Organics 600mg CBD topical

ROYAL REVIEW: Alpen Organics 600mg Extra Strength CBD Body Topical CBD PRODUCT REVIEWπŸŒ±πŸ’« My official royal review of Alpen Organics Extra Strength 600mg CBD Body Topical. ... I absolutely adore CBD topicals..seriously! As someone who medicates with topicals daily, let me tell you! Instant. Relief. (Personally, particularly for relief from soreness in my knees, feet, muscle aches in my back & shoulders.)πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ ... πŸŒ±πŸ’«I’ve tried Alpen Organics  300mg Body Topical, but felt I needed a few extra mg’s, as I am an experienced CBD enthusiast & use various CBD products for a few ailments including severe GI issues/abdominal pain, chronic pain, nerve damage, anxiety, natural mood enhancement & insomnia. In my opinion, I’ve personally found that different CBD products affect me in different ways. For example, dabbing a CBD concentrate can make me feel alert, focused, but “light”, where as using a high dose CBD tincture sublingually promotes rest/sleep.  Alpen Org

Royal Merch! Dab Mats, Pins, Tanks + MORE

CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL LINE OF PRINCESSCBD MERCHANDISE. NEW ROAL DAB MATS AVAILABLE IN THREE DESIGNS NEW PINS! FIVE IN EACH PACK, AVAILABLE IN THREE DESIGNS   ROYAL MUGS; YOUR NEW FAVORITE COFFEE CUP NEW ROYAL MERCH FOR THE ENTIRE ROYAL FAM! EVEN THE FURRY MEMBERS!   WOMEN’S & MEN’S “ROYALTY TANKS” Check out these new items in addition to my collection fit for royalty including various styles & colors of women’s & men’s tees, tanks, mugs, to go drink ware, iphone covers, dab mats, pins & pet bandanas! CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL LINE OF ROYAL APPAREL & ACCESSORIES.