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MY CBD DAILY DOSING: A two week update

    A two week update on my daily dosing of AlpenOrganics 300mg MIND CBD Tincture & 15mg hemp CBD capsules. I’ve been on a daily regimen of AlpenOrganics  CBD products for two weeks now. At this stage, my generalized anxiety has decreased & I can tell my daily dosing has helped my nerve & muscle pain. I look forward to seeing how I feel after another two weeks! _ I ordered AlpenOrganics NEW 600mg CBD Tincture a few days ago. It is scheduled to arrive THIS Monday ! I’ve been using their 300mg tincture with beneficial results, so I’m excited to try the 600mg & share my opinion with you guys.   _ For 40% off your ENTIRE ORDER + FREE SHIPPING from AlpenOrganics  use promo code PRINCESSCBD at checkout . ✌️👸 Follow me on IG: @PrincessCBD Drop me a line:

CBD RECIPES: Banana Cashew Butter Smoothie aka "the BCBCBD Smoothie"

A protein & potassium packed, vegan smoothie recipe that is absolutely deeelicious! 🍌🥜 My royal recipe for banana cashew butter CBD smoothies aka “BCBCBD Smoothies”. Recipe below 👇 🍌🥜For one serving you’ll need: •one small frozen banana (leave unpeeled, freeze for 24 hrs, peel will turn dark brown in freezer-this is normal, don’t be alarmed.) •one heaping tablespoonful of organic cashew butter •your preferred CBD tincture, mine is AlpenOrganics  tincture. It has absolutely NO taste, is vegan, non gmo, made in the United States & is available in 300MG & 600MG bottles (add your desired amount). •splash of cashew milk •2-3 ice cubes. 🍹Directions: after banana has frozen for 24hrs peel & cut into about 1” slices, add banana slices + the remaining ingredients to blender, blend until smooth (or to desired texture), pour (into a champagne flute if you’re a princess✌️👸) & enjoy! 👑Enter promo code PRINCESSCBD at checkout for 40% off your ENTIRE ord

AlpenOrganics CBD Product Reviews Part II: ACTIVE 15mg Hemp CBD Capsules

Feeling better and better with each day I continue to use my AlpenOrganics 15mg Hemp CBD Capsules along with their 300mg CBD tincture (reviewed in previous post). Get your  AlpenOrganics CBD products here . Use promo code PRINCESSCBD at checkout and get 40% off your ENTIRE order + FREE SHIPPING! Today marks one week and one day that I've been taking two 15mg AlpenOrganics Hemp CBD Capsules once daily, along with their 300mg CBD tincture multiple times a day. Though this definitely has not been my all time best week ever health wise, I have noticed fairly vast improvement in one specific area...the area that causes me the most daily general discomfort, intense pain, the area that can cause me to stay balled up in bed missing out on my fun, good little life. That area is STOMACH! My stupid stomach. It sent me to the hematologist several days ago, has caused me to have several painful (and downright terrible) procedures and keeps my GI specialist employed. I'm h

AlpenOrganics CBD Product Reviews Part I: 300MG CBD Tincture + my promo code for HUGE discount!

AlpenOrganics "MIND" 300MG Hemp CBD Tincture. One week ago today, my CBD haul from AlpenOrganics  was delivered right to my castle door. After a week of use, I feel I can give you guys my completely 100% honest reviews of those products. Up first, AlpenOrganic's "MIND" 300mg Hemp CBD Tincture. But before we begin, let me answer a question frequently asked by those new to CBD... What in the world are CBD tinctures?? Let me answer that question for you as well as provide a few facts... - Tinctures are extracted cannabinoids which are mixed with either alcohol, glycerin or a coconut oil solution. -They're ideal for those using CBD for medicinal reasons as well as those new to using CBD. Tinctures are easy to use. Deliver your prefered dose under your tongue (sublingually) with the included dropper. -Sublingual dosing is the most effective way of dosing. The solution is absorbed into the body via the oral mucosal/into the vein under your tongue. -Little to no