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Royal Review: @lancashirehemp “Kiva Rock”

  Hello Royal Family, & happy Monday. Let’s get this week started with a brand new review. Today’s Royal Review is a product by  Lancashire Hemp . I enjoyed their strain, “Kiva Rock” & am happy to share my review with you all! Lancashire Hemp’s  “Kiva Rock” came packaged in a secure, child safe bottle. You could also reuse the bottle when you’re finished with the product. The packaging not only is secure, but it kept the product good & fresh. The product amount was 3.5 grams. Unlike some CBD Hemp Flowers, “Kiva Rock’s” CBD Hemp buds were nice, dense & moist, which made it very smooth & pleasant to enjoy.  I’ve found that smoking CBD Hemp Flower seems to be the quickest way to enjoy its benefits. Like I said, “Kiva Rock” was a very smooth smoke. Not only was it nice to smoke, its healing benefits went right to work, destroying all minor aches, pains & anxiety. “Kiva Rock” kept me good & relaxed all day, yet not too sedated. It’s one of my favorite CBD Hemp Fl

Royal Review: @lancashirehemp Grandaddy Purple Early Acabus Delta 8 Flower

  Hello Royal Family! I hope everyone is having a Good Friday’s eve. I’ve got a TOP NOTCH Review to share with you all today. Today’s Royal Review is of  Lancashire Hemp’s  Grandaddy Purple Terpene Early Abacus Delta 8 Flower.  Before I get this review started from my point of review, let me share with you what Wikipedia has to say about Delta 8... Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It is an isomer of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound commonly known as THC. Delta-8-THC has antiemetic, anxiolytic, orexigenic, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties.   Wikipedia Thank you for the big words, Wikipedia! Simply put, Delta 8 is a legal substance sprayed onto the hemp plant to give it VERY relaxing properties.  The Flower is  Lancashire Hemp’s  Early Acabus Flower with Grandaddy Purple Terpenes. It came to me completely sealed in a child safe container that you have to squeeze to open. Though we don’t have kids, we do have pets &

Royal Review: @chillbitchdoses CBD Drops

  Hello Royal Family, today’s review is a fun one from  Chill Bitch Doses . They were kind enough to send me both of their CBD Drops to enjoy & review for you all! Chill Bitch Doses  CBD Drops come in Lemon & Lavender flavors. Both are incredibly enjoyable on the taste buds. I used the lemon flavor as my daytime CBD & the lavender as my relaxing evening CBD. Starting my day off with  Chill Bitch Doses  Lemon & Lavender CBD Drops not only tasted really good, but it was also very effective against inflammation. About 30 minutes after enjoying their CBD Drops, I felt very relaxed all over, mind & body. I have scoliosis, so I wake up with a mild back ache frequently. I found that the CBD Drops knocked that pain right out! Chill Bitch Doses  is absolutely, 100% Princess approved. I highly recommend their CBD Drops AND CBD Face Mask, which you can find the review for here on this page. You can also try  Chill Bitch Doses  products & receive 10% off by using discount c

Royal Review: @lancashirehemp CBD Gumies

  Hello & happy Tuesday, Royal Family! I’ve got a very enjoyable review to share with you today. Today, I’ll be reviewing  Lancashire Hemp’s  20mg CBD Gummies. Lancashire Hemp’s  CBD Gummies are 20mgs each, with a total of 40 Gummies in each jar for a total of 1000mgs. The jar came to me completely sealed, which I loved, & the bottle is child safe. Big points for safety & tamper proof packaging, which I find so important...especially now. Lancashire Hemp’s  CBD Gummies are FEA Registered!!! That is HUGE! There are vitamins we take daily that aren’t even FDA Registered. They’re also THC free, made in the USA & have low aroma with reduced terpenes.  I’ve been enjoying the gummies two at a time, for a total of 40 mgs. I find them to be very relaxing. They make my body feel great & relaxed without feeling sedated. The CBD goes to work in about 30-45 minutes, leaving light inflammation & aches disappear. I REALLY enjoy this product from  Lancashire Hemp . It is absol