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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Royal RYOT Smell Proof HardCase GIVEAWAY!

THE RYOT SMELLSAFE HARDCASE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!... The winner was announced on  my Instagram . Thank you SO much to all who participated! My next giveaway has begun! For your chance rt Peace Hi there and pleasant vibes, everybody! I’ve got a few questions for you all. •Do you like FREE stuff? •Do you like FREE COOL stuff? If you answered, “Sure do!” to both questions (which I’m sure we all totally did!), keep reading!..and if you don’t like FREE COOL stuff then I’ll see you next post. Though my Instagram  @princesscbd  is fairly new and I created this website only a matter of days ago, I’d like to show my appreciation by having a fun, free giveaway for you guys!  I’m close to hitting my 1st BIG milestone on my IG account...420 fabulous people who will be following my princess diaries and journey. Also, the analytics for this page grow by the day! I would greatly appreciate and HIGHLY encourage your feedback in the comments.  But about that GIVEAWAY!!!: 👸

Smoking Before Bed: Wasteful or nah?

Smoking before going to bed...a controversial subject amongst the CBD, cannabis and hemp communities. I've heard arguments from both sides...from the "what a waste-ers" to the "it REALLY helps me sleep, sleepy insomniacs" to the "this is medicine to me-ers". I fall into the latter,category! What are your thoughts? Do you think smoking before bed is a total waste or an excellent way to wind down and catch some Zzz's? Goodnight... ...and cheers to everyone burning one before going to bed. (RAW Classic Cone costarring with me in both pics)          

CBD: Full Spectrum vs Isolate - What’s the difference?

CBD ISOLATE vs FULL SPECTRUM CBD - What’s the difference? Which is better? A few facts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Products such as Hemp Bombs capsules, Green Roads CBD Oil and CBD edibles are all EXCELLENT full spectrum CBD products, in my opinion. I personally primarily use Hemp Bombs CBD capsules and Green Roads CBD edibles for muscle relaxation, help ease chronic pain and for insomnia. I use Green Road's CBD Oil sublingually to help ease chronic pain. I also use it in my vape for anxiety relief and mood enhancement. I personally only vape CBD oil first thing in the morning and throughout the early parts o

CBD, THC: Edibles, tinctures, capsules, concentrates, flower etc. What's YOUR preferred dosing method?

With there being SO many fantastic methods of dosing, where does one begin?? I imagine it can be somewhat overwhelming to the curious novice..for those with no desire to become "chemical soup", those looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals-some of which come with rather undesirable side affects. It is ILLEGAL for a shop, or for myself, to tell you how much to dose with (meaning how many MGs or ml to use). I can however tell you what works for me personally and what products I personally recommend...and so can YOU in the comments! If you're a "seasoned veteran" with personal recommendations/products that work for you OR if you are brand new to the CBD-Cannabis community and are looking for recommendations, I HIGHLY encourage you all to engage and interact in the comment section. This is ALL OF OUR safe space. A place for quality conversation and good vibes only. Please feel free to follow me on Instagram!  @princesscbd Drop me a line!  princesscbd@icloud

Under the Influence, Above the Stereotype

Six out of ten, about 61%, of Americans over the age of 18 are in favor or the legalization of medical marijuana and 52% of Americans have admitted to trying marijuana at least once. 61 and 52%...I mean, I’m just assuming that’s out of 100%, that’s pretty standard, therefore that’s over HALF of the county. So what’s with the other percentage? Why do they oppose FACTS? Is it partially due to a stereotype, the imagine that comes to mind regarding people who use cannabis? Here’s a fact for you..we are everywhere. We are doctors, lawyers, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, housewives, princesses (and princes, of course) etc etc etc. We are not the lazy, no good burnout. We are simply medicating with an unarmed plant that we’ve been at war with for far too long. A plant that eases pain, helps with anxiety, helps those who have seizures, eliminates nausea, stimulates appetite, the list could go on and on. Why is a plant with excellent medicinal qualities taboo, but its okay for pharmacudic


Hello and welcome to my kingdom!...princessdom?..whatev. Actually, welcome to OUR kingdom! I HIGHLY encourage your feedback, opinions, what works best for you personally etc. This is a safe space with only one rule: don’t be a buttface:) Let’s make this a ‘positive vibe only zone’. All are welcome from the CBD community, the cannabis community and everything in between. A Little About Me: I've been an herbal enthusiast for quite some time, but I never FULLY appreciated, or understood even, all of the plant’s excellent medicinal properties until I underwent what was supposed to be a simple gallbladder removal surgery in 2016...the surgery went from “simple” to nearly fatal due to a surgical mistake. I spent 6 miserable months in-and-out of the hospital, having multiple PAINFUL procedures to fix the mistake during my initial surgery, undergoing a HORRIFIC event involving a nurse, having a different nurse bribe me with MY pain medicine, developing a blood clot in my right lung due