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@formybxdz 500mg Jumbo Cherry Cola Gummies Review

  Hello & happy Tuesday, everyone, & welcome to another “princess approved” product review! Today I’ll be reviewing 500mg Jumbo Cherry Cola Gummies from  @formybxdz .  The gummies come five to a pack & contain 100mgs each, making the pack 500mgs total. If you’re not experienced with edibles, I suggest eating half of a gummy & going from there. Start low & go slow, as they say.  For those more experienced with edibles, I recommend consuming one whole gummy & going from there. I was having a particularly bad flair up of chronic pain yesterday. I ate three of the 100mg gummies throughout my day & they most definitely helped to ease my pain. All dull aches disappeared over the span of about an hour. Now, will these gummies cure a broken leg? No, of course not? However, they’re great for cramps & muscle aches. Not only are the gummies very effective, they taste great & have no funky “plant-like” taste. Just the taste of sour Cherry & a very familiar c

@sherpa_thc 300mg Delta 9 THC Cereal Treat Review

  Hello everyone & happy Monday! Let’s start this week off with a terrific review of a fantastic product. What’s that product, you ask? Today, I’m reviewing  @sherpa_thc’s  300mg Full Spectrum Delta 9 THC Cereal Treat…& what a treat it was to sample & review! First of all, you might be thinking, “Delta 9 THC?! But how??” However, Sherpa’s treats are 100% legal in all 50 states by keeping the dry weight of Delta 9 THC under the federal legal limit of .3%. So you can enjoy Sherpa’s treats wherever you go!…& they taste absolutely delicious! I did not notice any “plant-like” taste that you can get with some edibles. Just yummy, gluten free rice cereal & marshmallow. Not only do the treats taste fantastic, the cereal treats are HUGE & pack a major punch containing 300mg’s of Delta 9 THC. I found half of the cereal treat to be more than enough for a great, relaxed head & body feel. I ate the first half at the beginning of my day & it kept all little chronic ac

@sherpa_thc Rainbow 120mg Hemp Derived THC Gummies Review

  Hello everyone! Today’s “Royal Review” has been a true pleasure to sample, enjoy & review for you all!… @sherpa_thc ’s 120mg Rainbow Hemp Derived THC Gummie’s are where it’s at!!! Each pack of @sherpa_thc’s Gummies contain 120mg of Hemp Derived THC & 50mg of Hemp Derived CBD (12mg THC/5mg CBD per serving, 10 servings). Keeping the delta 9 THC under the legal limit of 0.3%, these gummies can be enjoyed almost anywhere! I’ve enjoyed a few pieces over the last few days & am very excited to share my experience with you! The evening the gummies arrived, I consumed three (36mg THC, 15mg CBD). They taste GREAT, rainbow being a mixture of fruity flavors. I could definitely feel a mild euphoria & sense of relaxation throughout my body. It was more of a “body feel” than feeling in my head. All minor aches disappeared for several hours & I found that I slept very well that night, as I consumed the gummies in the evening a few hours before bed. I highly recommend these gummie

@omg.its.hemp Delta 8 50mg Mango Gummie Review

  Hello & welcome to today’s Royal Review! Today I’ll be reviewing 50mg Delta 8 mango gummies from @omg.its.hemp, or . These gummies are small & soft but pack a powerful punch weighing in at 50mg of delta 8 per gummie.’s.hemp’s 50mg delta 8 mango gummie tastes great & goes right to work. Delta 8 edibles work great for sleep for me, so this one definitely did the trick. They go to work super fast, so I suggest getting settled before enjoying, until you know how you’ll react. Like I said, delta 8 in edible form usually makes me drowsy. These delta 8 gummies are definitely princess approved! Try them yourself & see!…& stay tuned for more reviews from omg.its.hemp!

Royal Review: Nutri-Blunt Electric Herb Grinder

  Hello all! I hope you’ve had a nice week & you’re enjoying your Thursday. Today’s review is a DEFINITE Princess approved product from a Princess approved company, , where they have everything to smoke but the buds! Today, I’ll be reviewing the Nutri-Blunt Electronic Herb Grinder, available now for $29.99. A terrific price for a supreme product.’s  Nutri-Blunt Electronic Herb Grinder grinds your medicine with ease! The product comes with two attachable glass jars, one lid to use one of the jars as storage, the electronic base & the charging cords. It is simple to use. Just tap the button five time to turn your grinder on & off. While on, fill your jar with your medicine, attach the jar to the electronic base, press the on button to begin grinding & shake while grinding for an even grind. So simple! Very much recommended for anyone wanting to grind with ease. Get yours today!  Click  here  to visit’s website. Click  here  to order the Nut

Royal Review: @minor.taur Kappa X Tincture

  Hello all & welcome to today’s Royal Review of  Minortaur  Kappa X 800mg Hemp Resin Drops. To call it a CBD Tincture would be inaccurate, as it is PACKED with cannabinoids!  Minortaur’s  Kappa X Tincture contains CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, THCV, CBT, CBE, CBL & <0.3% Delta 9 THC. I’d like to share what I found particularly interesting about the Kappa X Tincture & that’s the CBN! CBN has been proven to help with anxiety & insomnia. I found it’s effects to be quite calming & relaxing. I’ve been enjoying the Kappa X formula now for several days & I can say that I do feel mentally more at ease. Kappa X is fantastic for anxiety, in my opinion. I also felt the Kappa X was a great formula for relaxation. It definitely promotes slight muscle relaxation & ease of tension.  The CBN definitely did its job at promoting a great night of sleep. It didn’t knock me out, yet helped me stay asleep through the night, after a few nights of ingesting it. Just a few drops und

@hempconnecttn April CBD & Delta 8 Review

  Happy Tuesday Royal Family! I hope everyone had a great Easter. Spring has officially sprung & it’s time for the  @hempconnecttn  April review.  This month, I enjoyed four different strains from  @hempconnecttn ...three Delta 8 strains & one CBD; “Legendary OG” CBD, “Cookies” Delta 8, “Glue” Delta 8 & “Jazzy” Delta 8. I’ll start with the CBD strain & go from there. “Legendary OG” CBD “Legendary OG” CBD Flower was a very enjoyable strain, as were the other three! “Legendary OG’s” buds are nice & dense with a good moisture content. I’d recommend it for an afternoon or evening session, as I found it very body relaxing. Within minutes, minor muscle tension was history! Definitely a Princess Approved product! “Glue” Delta 8 Delta 8 is GREAT! It’s slightly psychoactive & extremely relaxing. “Glue” was my favorite of all four strains. Beautiful buds, great floral taste & fantastic benefits. Like I said, the delta 8 makes this strain (as well as the other two delt

Royal Review: @lancashirehemp “Kiva Rock”

  Hello Royal Family, & happy Monday. Let’s get this week started with a brand new review. Today’s Royal Review is a product by  Lancashire Hemp . I enjoyed their strain, “Kiva Rock” & am happy to share my review with you all! Lancashire Hemp’s  “Kiva Rock” came packaged in a secure, child safe bottle. You could also reuse the bottle when you’re finished with the product. The packaging not only is secure, but it kept the product good & fresh. The product amount was 3.5 grams. Unlike some CBD Hemp Flowers, “Kiva Rock’s” CBD Hemp buds were nice, dense & moist, which made it very smooth & pleasant to enjoy.  I’ve found that smoking CBD Hemp Flower seems to be the quickest way to enjoy its benefits. Like I said, “Kiva Rock” was a very smooth smoke. Not only was it nice to smoke, its healing benefits went right to work, destroying all minor aches, pains & anxiety. “Kiva Rock” kept me good & relaxed all day, yet not too sedated. It’s one of my favorite CBD Hemp Fl

Royal Review: @lancashirehemp Grandaddy Purple Early Acabus Delta 8 Flower

  Hello Royal Family! I hope everyone is having a Good Friday’s eve. I’ve got a TOP NOTCH Review to share with you all today. Today’s Royal Review is of  Lancashire Hemp’s  Grandaddy Purple Terpene Early Abacus Delta 8 Flower.  Before I get this review started from my point of review, let me share with you what Wikipedia has to say about Delta 8... Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It is an isomer of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound commonly known as THC. Delta-8-THC has antiemetic, anxiolytic, orexigenic, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties.   Wikipedia Thank you for the big words, Wikipedia! Simply put, Delta 8 is a legal substance sprayed onto the hemp plant to give it VERY relaxing properties.  The Flower is  Lancashire Hemp’s  Early Acabus Flower with Grandaddy Purple Terpenes. It came to me completely sealed in a child safe container that you have to squeeze to open. Though we don’t have kids, we do have pets &

Royal Review: @chillbitchdoses CBD Drops

  Hello Royal Family, today’s review is a fun one from  Chill Bitch Doses . They were kind enough to send me both of their CBD Drops to enjoy & review for you all! Chill Bitch Doses  CBD Drops come in Lemon & Lavender flavors. Both are incredibly enjoyable on the taste buds. I used the lemon flavor as my daytime CBD & the lavender as my relaxing evening CBD. Starting my day off with  Chill Bitch Doses  Lemon & Lavender CBD Drops not only tasted really good, but it was also very effective against inflammation. About 30 minutes after enjoying their CBD Drops, I felt very relaxed all over, mind & body. I have scoliosis, so I wake up with a mild back ache frequently. I found that the CBD Drops knocked that pain right out! Chill Bitch Doses  is absolutely, 100% Princess approved. I highly recommend their CBD Drops AND CBD Face Mask, which you can find the review for here on this page. You can also try  Chill Bitch Doses  products & receive 10% off by using discount c

Royal Review: @lancashirehemp CBD Gumies

  Hello & happy Tuesday, Royal Family! I’ve got a very enjoyable review to share with you today. Today, I’ll be reviewing  Lancashire Hemp’s  20mg CBD Gummies. Lancashire Hemp’s  CBD Gummies are 20mgs each, with a total of 40 Gummies in each jar for a total of 1000mgs. The jar came to me completely sealed, which I loved, & the bottle is child safe. Big points for safety & tamper proof packaging, which I find so important...especially now. Lancashire Hemp’s  CBD Gummies are FEA Registered!!! That is HUGE! There are vitamins we take daily that aren’t even FDA Registered. They’re also THC free, made in the USA & have low aroma with reduced terpenes.  I’ve been enjoying the gummies two at a time, for a total of 40 mgs. I find them to be very relaxing. They make my body feel great & relaxed without feeling sedated. The CBD goes to work in about 30-45 minutes, leaving light inflammation & aches disappear. I REALLY enjoy this product from  Lancashire Hemp . It is absol

Royal Review: @chillbitchdoses CBD Face Mask

Hello Royal Family! Today’s review is a really fun one, as it’s such a unique product...I happily introduce you to  @chillbitchdoses   CBD Face Mask! If you’re like me, you’ve never seen or heard of CBD Face Masks until very recently, but I couldn’t be happier that I have. I love a good face mask a few times a month, & @chillbitchdoses  did not disappoint. The Face Mask comes in two very easy to apply pieces. It’s also cruelty free, which makes me love it a hundred times more! The packaging was nice & secure, so important, especially right now.  @chillbitchdoses  CBD Face Mask is not only cruelty free, it’s vegan! Now, I can not claim to be vegan, however, I want my beauty products to be cruelty free & vegan! Big win there! It’s also free of THC & it’s recyclable. Seems to me that @chillbitchdoses  really care about there customers & our planet! Like I said earlier, the CBD Face Mask was super easy to apply. You leave it on for 20-30 minutes before taking it off &am

Royal Review: @bearlylegalhemp 1000mg Delta 8 distillate from @hempconnecttn

  Hello Royal Family, I hope you’re all doing well. All good here, as I am excited to share a new review with you. It’s a 1000mg Delta 8 Distillate made by  Bearly Legal Hemp  courtesy of  The Hemp Connection TN . Though I have used & enjoyed Delta 8 products, I’ve never used a product quite like this.  First of all, extra points for super secure packaging. The product came sealed in a plastic container that I needed scissors to open. The product even has a QR code on it, so you can read all about its third party test results. Two thumbs up! Good job, The Hemp Connection TN! The 1000mg Delta 8 distillate can be enjoyed by just adding a few drops onto your already loaded bowl, or dabbed via a concentrate rig. I enjoyed both experiences, but found dabbing it from my concentrate rig to be my preferred method of medicating. Delta 8 distillate is GREAT! I often struggle with insomnia, & I found this to be a topnotch product to combat that. It made me feel very relaxed & sedated.

Royal Review: @caycestreet Hemp Capsules

  Hello Royal Family, I hope everyone is having a good day, so far. Let me make it a little better for you with a NEW “Royal Review” of Cayce Street Hemp Capsules. Cayce Hemp Capsules came ina very well packaged & sealed bottle. Each bottle contains 30 350mg capsules. They’re in a very easy to swallow capsule, as you can see in the picture above. Today is my third day taking Cayce Streets Hemp Capsules. When possible, I do a “72 hour test” before I feel like I can give the best, most accurate review. After taking the capsules for three days now, I can say they are DEFINITELY Princess approved! The directions say you can take one to tablets a day. One a day was perfect for me. I noticed a little boost of energy for a few hours after taking the capsule, but also offered a relaxed body feel. A perfect addition to my daily dietary supplements, as hemp offers VARIOUS benefits. This is just my personal experience with the product. Like I said, Cayce Street Hemp Capsules are absolutely Pr

Royal Review: @lafreshcbd

Hello Royal Family, I hope everyone is having a good day. All good here, as I have a VERY enjoyable review to share! I’d like to proudly introduce you to  @lafreshcbd ! Their CBD vape cartridges come in a variety of fun & delicious flavors such as Pina Colada, which is what I’ve been enjoying (I’ve got my eye on mojito next!). Lafreshcbd’s CBD cartridges are 100% THC free, full spectrum & 500mg per cartridge. It fits on your standard 510 battery & is very convenient for medicating at home or on the go. They contain true terpenes, which taste absolutely delicious! The packaging is nice & tamper proof. It came to me sealed, which I consider VERY important, especially now. Lafreshcbd’s CBD cartridge not only tastes great & is easy & convenient, it offers long lasting relief from sore & tense muscles. It’s also great for anxiety. I’ve found that it gives me just a slight energetic effect...very welcome for medicating early in the day. Lafreshcbd is 100% princess