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@hempconnecttn April CBD & Delta 8 Review

  Happy Tuesday Royal Family! I hope everyone had a great Easter. Spring has officially sprung & it’s time for the  @hempconnecttn  April review.  This month, I enjoyed four different strains from  @hempconnecttn ...three Delta 8 strains & one CBD; “Legendary OG” CBD, “Cookies” Delta 8, “Glue” Delta 8 & “Jazzy” Delta 8. I’ll start with the CBD strain & go from there. “Legendary OG” CBD “Legendary OG” CBD Flower was a very enjoyable strain, as were the other three! “Legendary OG’s” buds are nice & dense with a good moisture content. I’d recommend it for an afternoon or evening session, as I found it very body relaxing. Within minutes, minor muscle tension was history! Definitely a Princess Approved product! “Glue” Delta 8 Delta 8 is GREAT! It’s slightly psychoactive & extremely relaxing. “Glue” was my favorite of all four strains. Beautiful buds, great floral taste & fantastic benefits. Like I said, the delta 8 makes this strain (as well as the other two delt