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Royal Review: CBD Infused Wraps

Royal Review: CBD Infused Wraps Hello & happy Tuesday, Royalty, I hope everyone is having a good day! Today, I’ll be reviewing @highhemp  CBD Infused Wraps from @cbdforyouandme .  Before we get into my review, let me tell you a bit about CBD Infused Wraps. High Hemp CBD Infused Wraps are made from 100% organic hemp. They’re vegan, gmo free, & tobacco free. There are two wraps in each pack as well as two filter tips. High Hemp CBD Infused Wraps come in multiple flavors, however I have only tried three “Hydro Lemonade” flavored wraps..which have a nice, subtle, sweet taste of lemonade! My Royal Review I was initially intimidated by the fact that these aren’t pre-rolled, as I’m more of a “bowl smoker”...BUT, thanks to the filter tip, these wraps are incredibly easy to roll into a cone using the filter as a “crutch”. You can also use a rolling machine, but I was determined to do it myself..& I did!   These wraps are now a staple in my castle!!!

Royal Review: “The Stash Pipe”

Royal Review: “The Stash Pipe” Hello & welcome to today’s review, Royal Fam, I hope you’re all having an excellent day, so far! Today’s Royal Review is about a unique little product. What is it, you ask? It’s “The Stash Pipe”, handmade by Colorado artist CagwinManchen! A pipe & stash jar combined! My Royal Review  I looked at this piece a lot before I finally ordered it. I saw it on CagwinManchen’s Etsy store ( click here to visit their store on Etsy)while ordering the ashtray that was the prize for my Pride Giveaway. After thinking about this piece for a bit, I decided to give it a try! My royal blue, handmade stash pipe arrived in perfect condition two days after I ordered it. The Stash Pipe features an authentic cork that fits perfectly snug for your nugs! It’s made of ceramic with lead-free glazing & is dishwasher safe (though hand washing is recommended). The Stash Pipe’s actual pipe is connected to the stash jar, but the smoke DOES NOT com

Royal Review: @skunkbags EXIT Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock

Royal Review: @skunkbags EXIT Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock Hey there & welcome, Royal Fam! Today I’ll be reviewing my newest Skunk Bag, the Skunk EXIT Smell Proof Bag with a Combination lock. I am a HUGE fan of Skunk brand products. This is actually my 2nd bag by Skunk..I also have the Skunk Urban Backpack, which I could not be happier with! (To read my Royal Review of the Skunk Urban Backpack, CLICK HERE ) The EXIT Smell Proof Bag Royal Review I enjoy my Skunk Bag SO much! I ordered it from Amazon ( CLICK HERE to find this product on Amazon!) My Skunk Exit Smell Proof Bag arrived at my castle VERY quickly & in absolutely perfect condition.  It is made of high quality, durable materials, has a nice “clutch loop”, looks great, performs perfectly & has dimensions of 12″x9.5″. This bag has plenty of room for all the necessities & even easily fits my iPad. I love that I can set my combination, lock away my valuables & lock in any odors COMPLE