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Royal Review: Alpen Organics CBD Gummies

Hello everyone, welcome to today’s Royal Review of a new CBD product by Alpen Organics, my personal favorite CBD company. Recently, Alpen released their very own recipe of CBD infused gummies. I just finished my first bottle & am excited to share my review with you all! The Royal Review I was immediately impressed with Alpen Organics Gummies from the unboxing. The gummies come in a very sturdy, thick glass bottle. Perfect for tossing into your gym bag or purse & not giving a second thought. This bottle can definitely withstand everyday life on the go. I also like that the bottle is opaque making the gummies less sensitive to heat & light. Each bottle of Alpen Organics Gummies contain 30 CBD infused, vegan gummies. The vegan gummie contains 10mg of CBD & only 7 calories. Like all of Alpen Organics CBD products, these gummies are vegan, contain no GMOs, no THC & are made in the USA. I found these gummies to be great to start the day with. A natural