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Royal Review: @caycestreet Hemp Capsules

  Hello Royal Family, I hope everyone is having a good day, so far. Let me make it a little better for you with a NEW “Royal Review” of Cayce Street Hemp Capsules. Cayce Hemp Capsules came ina very well packaged & sealed bottle. Each bottle contains 30 350mg capsules. They’re in a very easy to swallow capsule, as you can see in the picture above. Today is my third day taking Cayce Streets Hemp Capsules. When possible, I do a “72 hour test” before I feel like I can give the best, most accurate review. After taking the capsules for three days now, I can say they are DEFINITELY Princess approved! The directions say you can take one to tablets a day. One a day was perfect for me. I noticed a little boost of energy for a few hours after taking the capsule, but also offered a relaxed body feel. A perfect addition to my daily dietary supplements, as hemp offers VARIOUS benefits. This is just my personal experience with the product. Like I said, Cayce Street Hemp Capsules are absolutely Pr

Royal Review: @lafreshcbd

Hello Royal Family, I hope everyone is having a good day. All good here, as I have a VERY enjoyable review to share! I’d like to proudly introduce you to  @lafreshcbd ! Their CBD vape cartridges come in a variety of fun & delicious flavors such as Pina Colada, which is what I’ve been enjoying (I’ve got my eye on mojito next!). Lafreshcbd’s CBD cartridges are 100% THC free, full spectrum & 500mg per cartridge. It fits on your standard 510 battery & is very convenient for medicating at home or on the go. They contain true terpenes, which taste absolutely delicious! The packaging is nice & tamper proof. It came to me sealed, which I consider VERY important, especially now. Lafreshcbd’s CBD cartridge not only tastes great & is easy & convenient, it offers long lasting relief from sore & tense muscles. It’s also great for anxiety. I’ve found that it gives me just a slight energetic effect...very welcome for medicating early in the day. Lafreshcbd is 100% princess