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Royal Review: The Martian

Royal Review: The Martian  Hello & happy Friday, Royal Fam! I hope everyone is gearing up for a good weekend ahead...until then, here’s something for your reading pleasure. I won’t tell if you read it while you’re still at work! Today’s ROYAL REVIEW is of glass piece available from , my GO TO for gorgeous glass pieces, accessories & CBD! What is this strange looking (but VERY cool!) little piece, you ask?? It’s the “ Martian ” & it helps turn any regular hemp or cannabis joint or blunt into a bubbler/bong! The Martian is water filtered, features a spot for the rolled medicine of your choice, a small carb to make it perc & a place for your Royal lips. If you’re like me & like a nice hemp joint or blunt, but want to cut the harshness, THIS is the piece for you! The Martian is spill resistant & its shape makes it SUPER easy to hold/use. It can also be used as a one hitter, but honestly, I’ve just been enjoying my CBD infused wraps

Royal Review: CBD Infused Wraps

Royal Review: CBD Infused Wraps Hello & happy Tuesday, Royalty, I hope everyone is having a good day! Today, I’ll be reviewing @highhemp  CBD Infused Wraps from @cbdforyouandme .  Before we get into my review, let me tell you a bit about CBD Infused Wraps. High Hemp CBD Infused Wraps are made from 100% organic hemp. They’re vegan, gmo free, & tobacco free. There are two wraps in each pack as well as two filter tips. High Hemp CBD Infused Wraps come in multiple flavors, however I have only tried three “Hydro Lemonade” flavored wraps..which have a nice, subtle, sweet taste of lemonade! My Royal Review I was initially intimidated by the fact that these aren’t pre-rolled, as I’m more of a “bowl smoker”...BUT, thanks to the filter tip, these wraps are incredibly easy to roll into a cone using the filter as a “crutch”. You can also use a rolling machine, but I was determined to do it myself..& I did!   These wraps are now a staple in my castle!!!

Royal Review: “The Stash Pipe”

Royal Review: “The Stash Pipe” Hello & welcome to today’s review, Royal Fam, I hope you’re all having an excellent day, so far! Today’s Royal Review is about a unique little product. What is it, you ask? It’s “The Stash Pipe”, handmade by Colorado artist CagwinManchen! A pipe & stash jar combined! My Royal Review  I looked at this piece a lot before I finally ordered it. I saw it on CagwinManchen’s Etsy store ( click here to visit their store on Etsy)while ordering the ashtray that was the prize for my Pride Giveaway. After thinking about this piece for a bit, I decided to give it a try! My royal blue, handmade stash pipe arrived in perfect condition two days after I ordered it. The Stash Pipe features an authentic cork that fits perfectly snug for your nugs! It’s made of ceramic with lead-free glazing & is dishwasher safe (though hand washing is recommended). The Stash Pipe’s actual pipe is connected to the stash jar, but the smoke DOES NOT com

Royal Review: @skunkbags EXIT Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock

Royal Review: @skunkbags EXIT Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock Hey there & welcome, Royal Fam! Today I’ll be reviewing my newest Skunk Bag, the Skunk EXIT Smell Proof Bag with a Combination lock. I am a HUGE fan of Skunk brand products. This is actually my 2nd bag by Skunk..I also have the Skunk Urban Backpack, which I could not be happier with! (To read my Royal Review of the Skunk Urban Backpack, CLICK HERE ) The EXIT Smell Proof Bag Royal Review I enjoy my Skunk Bag SO much! I ordered it from Amazon ( CLICK HERE to find this product on Amazon!) My Skunk Exit Smell Proof Bag arrived at my castle VERY quickly & in absolutely perfect condition.  It is made of high quality, durable materials, has a nice “clutch loop”, looks great, performs perfectly & has dimensions of 12″x9.5″. This bag has plenty of room for all the necessities & even easily fits my iPad. I love that I can set my combination, lock away my valuables & lock in any odors COMPLE

Here it is, Royal Fam! From me, with LOVE.

HERE IT IS, ROYAL FAM! TO ONE OF YOU, WITH LOVE FROM ME HANDCRAFTED ASHTRAY WITH CANNABIS LEAF IN CENTER Welcome back Royal Fam & HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! As a member of the LGBT community I am PROUD to host a giveaway in celebration of this month. You personally don’t have to be part of the LGBT community to celebrate this month OR to win this prize. This prize is available to ANY member of the Royal Fam!..& just what is this prize, you ask?? HANDMADE BY COLORADO ARTIST @princesscbd’s PRIDE MONTH PRIZE In celebration of Pride Month I’m giving away a handcrafted ceramic ashtray made by a small, local business/artist in Colorado. That’s right, Royal Fam, you’re looking at a piece of art! This handcrafted ceramic ashtray features 4 grooves to set your smoke with white & rainbow coloring & a cannabis leaf in its center. All glazes are non-toxic, lead-free, microwave & dishwasher safe! WANT TO ENTER FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN THIS HANDCRAFTED ASHTRAY

Royal Recommendation: CBD-Where to Begin?

Royal Recommendation: CBD-Where to Begin? Hello & welcome Royal Fam! Though I know some of you medicate naturally with CBD daily & are very aware of it’s MULTIPLE BENEFITS, I’m writing this particular post for those new to or those who’ve never tried CBD. The ones curious about & wondering what method I personally recommend beginning with for YOUR maximum health benefits. That being said, let me have the pleasure of introducing you to a product by my personal favorite, AlpenOrganics. This is AlpenOrganics 300mg CBD Tincture. This, along with ALL AlpenOrganics products are non gmo, cruelty free, vegan, grown & made out of the most quality ingredients here in the US.  Alpen Organics CBD Tincture is by far the most effective way to ingest CBD into your system. By putting only a drop of CBD oil under your tongue, you are getting CBD into your system faster than any other product on the market. I would NEVER recommend a product without personally trying it

Royal Review: @muddylotusgems - Cannabis Inspired Jewelry

Royal Review: @muddylotusgems - Cannabis Inspired Jewelry Hello & welcome to a 1st here, Royal Fam. The ROYAL REVIEW of a gem bracelet by @muddylotusgems, the 1st cannabis inspired jewelry artist I have the pleasure of featuring here at Hannah is the talented & thoughtful artist behind @muddylotusgems-jewelry with a purpose. She makes all of her jewelry by hand. Her jewelry is made using gemstones which are highly believed to have many healing & positive properties. My bracelet features gorgeous Purple & White Jade. Here’s the info Hannah wrote by hand & included with my healing, beautiful bracelet.                                                 @muddylotusgems / Hannah Fox...absolutely 100% PRINCESS APPROVED & highly recommended!   You can find @muddylotusgems beautiful, handmade gemstone bracelets & necklaces by  CLICKING HERE. You can contact Hannah at @muddylotusgems by email at hanna
Royal Review: 250mg CBD Crumble by Green Roads World Hello & welcome, Royal Fam.   Today, I’ll be sharing my full ROYAL REVIEW of 250mg CBD Crumble by Green Roads World. A review that’s long overdue since this CBD Crumble is a staple in my castle. I’m happy to share my review with you all & hope you find my personal opinion based on LOTS of experience with this product helpful. If you have any questions about this or any other of my Royal Reviews, please feel free to email me at . Time for us to get into my long overdue, official ROYAL REVIEW of Green Roads World 250mg CBD Crumble. Green Roads World 250mg CBD Crumble was the 1st Official CBD Crumble Dab Concentrate on the Market. It is highly concentrated with rich nutrients & rich Terpenes. All Green Roads World products are pharmacist formulated & 3rd party tested by Desert Valley Testing , so you can rest assured & know exactly what you’re consuming.  Green Road’s Crumble

Today’s SECRET GIVEAWAY-extended! (6/17)

Today’s SECRET GIVEAWAY (6/16) Hey there & welcome back, Royal Fam, welcome to today’s SECRET GIVEAWAY! Wondering what today’s PRIZES are? Wondering how YOU could win one? I will happily let you know! This giveaway is of a little something sticky.  Just a little something sticky from one of my personal favorite brands in the smoke accessory game. I’ve got THREE Beamer Smoke  stickers for THREE lucky random winners, Royal Fam! The winner’s sticker will be delivered to YOUR CASTLE with an included, handwritten card from me @princesscbd 💚 . For your chance to be one of the THREE WINNERS, simply:  •Return to the post on my Instagram account mentioning today’s (6/17 or the one on 6/16) SECRET GIVEAWAY. •Like that post.  •Make sure you’re following me & comment “Lion” or “Wavy” on that post to let me know which sticker you’d like & tag 1 friend in that comment. •You CAN enter to win either style sticker by leaving another comment (“Lion