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Royal Review: Alpen Organics CBD Gummies

Hello everyone, welcome to today’s Royal Review of a new CBD product by Alpen Organics, my personal favorite CBD company. Recently, Alpen released their very own recipe of CBD infused gummies. I just finished my first bottle & am excited to share my review with you all! The Royal Review I was immediately impressed with Alpen Organics Gummies from the unboxing. The gummies come in a very sturdy, thick glass bottle. Perfect for tossing into your gym bag or purse & not giving a second thought. This bottle can definitely withstand everyday life on the go. I also like that the bottle is opaque making the gummies less sensitive to heat & light. Each bottle of Alpen Organics Gummies contain 30 CBD infused, vegan gummies. The vegan gummie contains 10mg of CBD & only 7 calories. Like all of Alpen Organics CBD products, these gummies are vegan, contain no GMOs, no THC & are made in the USA. I found these gummies to be great to start the day with. A natural

Royal Review: CBD Honey Sticks

10mg CBD Honey Stick from  Your CBD Store Birmingham One sweet review! I’m sure nearly all of us have enjoyed the sweet deliciousness of honey in our favorite tea or over fresh berries. Infuse that honey with CBD & you’ve made what was already a super food even more beneficial to your body. Today, I’ll be sharing my Royal Review of 10mg CBD Honey Sticks, but first let me share a few interesting facts about honey’s health benefits & even a few strange facts about the sweet treat that bees supply us. Bizarre Honey Facts Honey is the only known food that contains all the ingredients needed to  keep you alive. Bees eat honey. A mere two tablespoons of honey would sustain a bee’s flight around the world. Humans have been eating honey for 9,000 years. Jars of honey have been found in Egyptian tombs & bees are common in Egyptian hieroglyphic. Honey has been used as everything from currency to medicine over the centuries. Honey’s Natural Health Be

Royal Review: 100mg CBD Bath Bombs

100mg CBD Bath Bombs by SunMed CBD Hello & welcome to today’s Royal Review! Today, I’ll be reviewing 100mg CBD Bath Bombs by SunMed CBD. I’ll also be giving one away, so read on about these interesting bath bombs & find out how you could win one for your very own soaking pleasure! I love a good bath. I enjoy a relaxing soak nearly everyday. I’m also a very big fan of both CBD & bath bombs, so this is a review I have been looking forward to! SunMed CBD Bath Bombs are 1 ounce of pure ecstasy in the shape of a sphere. Each bath bomb is infused with 100mg broad spectrum CBD, hemp derived cannabidiol which is organically grown. They are available for purchase individually for $12 or 3 for $30. I was given the 3 pack as a gift, otherwise I would probably buy them one at a time when in the  mood to up my soaking expieriene for the evening. I  do think they are 100% worth the price though! A popular question regarding these, & most, CBD products is: can

Royal Review: Alpen Organics 2000mg Double Maximum Strength CBD Tincture

Welcome Royal Fam! Today I’ll being doing a ROYAL REVIEW of Alpen Organics 2000mg Double Maximum Strength CBD Tincture.  Alpen Organics 2000mg CBD Tincture is a premium CBD oil. Made using only third party lab tested, THC free hemp (so there’s no risk of failing a drug test, if you get drug tested). All of Alpen Organic’s CBD products are from the USA, vegan & cruelty free.  My Royal Review Alpen Organics 2000mg Maximum Double Strength CBD Tincture is one beast of a CBD oil! If I could rename it, I’d rename it “Alpen Organics Insomnia Buster”. I have trouble staying asleep, from time-to-time, which is very annoying. Sometimes, I’ll be up for hours at a time in the middle of the night, praying for sleep, wanting my head to shut down. Thanks to this powerful CBD oil, I haven’t had many of those nights lately. A dropper of this CBD oil & this princess was in dream land! Along with sleep, I’d also highly recommend this product for achy joints or muscle aches. Jus

Royal Review: 10mg CBD Hard Candies from Your CBD Store Birmingham

ROYAL REVIEW: 10mg CBD Hard Candies from Your CBD Store Birmingham Hello & happy Tuesday, Royal Fam! Today, I’ll be reviewing 10mg CBD Hard Candies from Your CBD Store Birmingham. As a Birmingham resident & CBD enthusiast, I must say that this is one of my favorite shops! Not only do I love their products, the service I’ve received has never been less than extremely pleasant, helpful & friendly.  Last weekend while stopping in for some CBD tincture for my hound, Bailey, I saw that Your CBD Store was selling two packs of their 10mg CBD hard candies, so I decided to give them a try. The candies are Your CBD Store’s very own recipe & are made in Florida. They come in about five flavors or so & I decided to give pineapple & cherry a try. These candies from Your CBD Store are some of my favorite CBD candies I've ever tried! Great flavor without that overwhelming “plantlike taste”. I could feel the subtle dose of CBD after about a half hour. My musc