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Royal Review: The Martian

Royal Review: The Martian  Hello & happy Friday, Royal Fam! I hope everyone is gearing up for a good weekend ahead...until then, here’s something for your reading pleasure. I won’t tell if you read it while you’re still at work! Today’s ROYAL REVIEW is of glass piece available from , my GO TO for gorgeous glass pieces, accessories & CBD! What is this strange looking (but VERY cool!) little piece, you ask?? It’s the “ Martian ” & it helps turn any regular hemp or cannabis joint or blunt into a bubbler/bong! The Martian is water filtered, features a spot for the rolled medicine of your choice, a small carb to make it perc & a place for your Royal lips. If you’re like me & like a nice hemp joint or blunt, but want to cut the harshness, THIS is the piece for you! The Martian is spill resistant & its shape makes it SUPER easy to hold/use. It can also be used as a one hitter, but honestly, I’ve just been enjoying my CBD infused wraps