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Royal Review: 250mg CBD Crumble by Green Roads World
Hello & welcome, Royal Fam. 
Today, I’ll be sharing my full ROYAL REVIEW of 250mg CBD Crumble by Green Roads World. A review that’s long overdue since this CBD Crumble is a staple in my castle. I’m happy to share my review with you all & hope you find my personal opinion based on LOTS of experience with this product helpful. If you have any questions about this or any other of my Royal Reviews, please feel free to email me at

Time for us to get into my long overdue, official ROYAL REVIEW of Green Roads World 250mg CBD Crumble.

Green Roads World 250mg CBD Crumble was the 1st Official CBD Crumble Dab Concentrate on the Market. It is highly concentrated with rich nutrients & rich Terpenes. All Green Roads World products are pharmacist formulated & 3rd party tested by Desert Valley Testing, so you can rest assured & know exactly what you’re consuming. 

Green Road’s Crumble is usually vaped via a dab rig, nectar collector, dab straw, or added to a bowl of flower, but in addition can be added to any beverage. In my opinion, the flavor of this CBD Crumble is absolutely fantastic when “dabbed” or added to a bowl of flower. It has a VERY powerful citrus flavor with a hint of some pine, to me. Everyone is different & there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to CBD, but due to this CBD Crumble’s flavor when inhaled, I could not imagine I’d enjoy it’s taste in a hot beverage...but I can’t say for sure, as I haven’t tried that method. Yet. 


To the touch, Green Roads 250mg CBD Crumble feels like dry candle wax. As I mentioned above, its flavor & scent is like floating in a sea of citrus on in a pine kayak. Each gram comes in a sealed pack & is contained in a clear, round, screw top container. 


Though overdue, I feel extremely confident sharing my personal results with this Green Roads product with you, Royal Fam. In the several times I’ve tried this product, its results have remained consistent for me.

Let me start by saying this...I’ve never thrown the entire gram in side of a dab rig. Though I do medicate throughout my day everyday I’m not a “1 gram challenge” kind of lady. I am NOT knocking anyone who is into that, it’s just not my thing.

Research shows that CBD can be a stimulant & natural mood enhancer in small doses. Like I’ve said in previous reviews, this is very much the case with me. I particularly enjoy dabbing Green Roads 250mg CBD Crumble in the morning or early in the day. My preferred dabbing method is via my nectar collector or dab straw as I find those easier for dabbing small amounts of concentrates than using my dab rig. Hitting a couple small dabs 1st thing in the morning definitely leaves me feeling VERY awake & focused-but not the least bit jittery. It also does have a mood enhancing effect on me. 

Mornings can be difficult when I wake up sore...uninspiring. But, dabbing a bit of Green Roads 250mg CBD Crumble shortly after waking not only makes me feel energetic & euphoric, but it also totally eliminates my minor to what we’ll call “quite moderate”, at times, chronic pain.

I personally do not recommend dabbing this crumble later in the day or in the evening. Again, CBD is not “one size fits all”, but I’ve found that dabbing this CBD Crumble in the evening time has literally kept me up all night long on more that one occasion. HOWEVER, let me tell you about my experience with...

My favorite way to enjoy this crumble is over or layered into a bowl of flower. I’ve also mixed a bit of this crumble into my flower when rolling a joint...CBD can be harsh & man, oh, man, it’s a bit too harsh for me to partake in too many “CBD concentrate laced j’s”



But don’t get me wrong, like I said, my favorite way of enjoying Green Roads 250mg CBD Crumble is with flower...& here’s how I find it to be the most enjoyable & medicinally beneficial for helping with pain, nausea/GI upset, headaches & insomnia.

I use a dab tool to peel & scrape the crumble, layering it between flower in a water filtered pipe. Like I mentioned, CBD can be harsh when smoked with flower. A water filtered piece greatly reduces a lot of that harshness. I’ll also peel & scrape the crumble to top the bowl of flower with as well. 

I slightly melt it over the flower by using my torch on the lowest setting & keeping the flame rather far away from touching the actual crumble & flower being careful not to burn it. I then let the crumble harden on and into the flower for a few minutes. After that I partake as usual. This particular method of enjoying Green Roads 250mg CBD Crumble is extremely relaxing to me. It relaxes the mind’s “spinning wheels’ & is one of the best CBD products on the market for helping to ease away pain.


I, @princesscbd, give Green Roads 250mg CBD Crumble a long overdue, official PRINCESS APPROVAL!

Ingredients: Highly concentrated cannabinoids, rich nutrients, and terpenes.

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