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AlpenOrganics CBD Product Reviews Part II: ACTIVE 15mg Hemp CBD Capsules

Feeling better and better with each day I continue to use my AlpenOrganics 15mg Hemp CBD Capsules along with their 300mg CBD tincture (reviewed in previous post). Get your AlpenOrganics CBD products here. Use promo code PRINCESSCBD at checkout and get 40% off your ENTIRE order + FREE SHIPPING!

Today marks one week and one day that I've been taking two 15mg AlpenOrganics Hemp CBD Capsules once daily, along with their 300mg CBD tincture multiple times a day. Though this definitely has not been my all time best week ever health wise, I have noticed fairly vast improvement in one specific area...the area that causes me the most daily general discomfort, intense pain, the area that can cause me to stay balled up in bed missing out on my fun, good little life. That area is STOMACH!

My stupid stomach. It sent me to the hematologist several days ago, has caused me to have several painful (and downright terrible) procedures and keeps my GI specialist employed. I'm having LOTS of issues with my stomach with very few answers. Lately, my appetite has all but completely vanished. Not a good thing when you're 5'11 and 122lbs. Needless to say, I've been fighting my way out of a "blue spot".

Since using both AlpenOrganics Hemp CBD capsules and 300mg CBD tincture, I have noticed an increase in energy, my mood feels uplifted, my appetite is slowly but surely returning and best of all, my stomach doesn't CONSTANTLY hurt and it doesn't hurt to have food on my stomach! I know that seems like a silly thing to be excited about, grateful for, even...but having a constant stomach ache is awful. Not being hungry, but knowing/wanting to eat, then eating but having a horrendous stomach ache for hours is awful. This stage where I'm at now...this is good. I want to stay here!

-AlpenOrganics Hemp CBD Capsules also contain 185mg potassium and 200mg of magnesium which are natural muscle relaxers. The only other ingredients are CBD and a vegan capsule.
-Localized Delivery: CBD capsules are ideal for those with abdominal/GI issues as they are absorbed in intestines (not destroyed by stomach acid) which eases inflammation in the abdominal region.
-Precise dosing! Perfect for those who want to keep track of exactly how much cbd they're consuming.


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