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Hello & a very good morning to you all! It’s another grey day here in central Alabama...but that’s just fine because I’ve got CBD on my mind!

Today I’d like to introduce you to a new product from my favorites CBD Company, Alpen Organics. I’ve been using their CBD products for about three years now.

Any mammal can consume CBD. That being said, I’ve even tried the Pet Tincture to see how it was made my 15 year old hound felt (may she rest in paradise). It has no taste, by the way. Tastes like the tinctures made for humans. My wife & I are absolutely convinced THAT’S what kept her comfortable & with us for a little longer. I’d like to thank you for that, Alpen Organics!

Three days ago, I received Alpen Organics RECOVER 600mg Topical Roll-On. The bottle can easily be transported via a purse or your pocket, for those little aches & pains throughout the day. The product has a screw off top that exposes the “roller ball”.

Recently, I fell during a non-epileptic seizure & injured myself. I’ve been going to Physical Therapy to correct any injury to my neck & collarbone area. I’ve got a Physical Therapy appointment later today & I can’t wait to introduce my therapist to THIS product! It’s five times more effective against inflammation than Ibuprofen.

There’s only one word I could use to describe this product, & that word is “HEAVENLY!” A new staple in our household!

Want to try this or any other product from Alpen Organics & save BIG! Entering “princesscbd” at checkout will save you 30% on your ENTIRE ORDER PLUS FREE SHIPPING! Something to keep in mind this holiday season.

To see all of Alpen Organics products, just click the highlighted link.

To read more reviews from me, PrincessCBD, click the highlighted link.

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Have a groovy day!✌🏻


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