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Royal Review: @chillbitchdoses CBD Face Mask

Hello Royal Family! Today’s review is a really fun one, as it’s such a unique product...I happily introduce you to @chillbitchdoses CBD Face Mask!
If you’re like me, you’ve never seen or heard of CBD Face Masks until very recently, but I couldn’t be happier that I have. I love a good face mask a few times a month, & @chillbitchdoses did not disappoint. The Face Mask comes in two very easy to apply pieces. It’s also cruelty free, which makes me love it a hundred times more!
The packaging was nice & secure, so important, especially right now. 
@chillbitchdoses CBD Face Mask is not only cruelty free, it’s vegan! Now, I can not claim to be vegan, however, I want my beauty products to be cruelty free & vegan! Big win there! It’s also free of THC & it’s recyclable. Seems to me that @chillbitchdoses really care about there customers & our planet!
Like I said earlier, the CBD Face Mask was super easy to apply. You leave it on for 20-30 minutes before taking it off & rubbing the remaining serum into your face & neck. After applying it, I rested for about 30 minutes & let the CBD Face Mask go to work. I put it on fresh out of the shower, which I recommend (or at least apply to a clean face).
30 minutes later, I took the CBD Face Mask off & rubbed the remaining serum into my face & neck...& it felt AMAZING! So moisturizing without being sticky or heavy. My wife even said I was glowing afterwards! Princess tested & approved one hundred percent! I can see myself enjoying a @chillbitchdoses CBD Face Mask a few times a month...& so can you! Use discount code CBD-PRINCESS at checkout from @chillbitchdoses & save 10% on your next order!
To visit CHILL BITCH DOSES website, click here.
Stay tuned for my in-depth review of @chillbitchdoses Lemon & Lavender CBD Drops, coming soon!



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