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ROYAL REVIEW: @legalshemp CBD Hemp Flower


Plenty of Legals Hemp.
Hello Royal Family! Today I’ll be reviewing Legals Hemp CBD Hemp Flower...& what a review! I’ve tried quite a few strains by Legals Hemp. Everything from their small batch reserve, Cloud Nine to Secret Sauce, which is en route to my castle currently.

I’ll start with the small batch reserve, Cloud Nine. First of all, good luck finding it! Due to the fact that it is a small batch reserve, not many were released. I was lucky enough to find it at a local store. I enjoyed half of it when getting home. I was on cloud nine! It gave me a great synergetic burst of energy without being over the top. I’d compare the feeling to a cup of coffee without the unwanted side effects such as the jitters. I felt energetic & my muscles felt great due to the CBD.

Elektra was very similar to the small batch reserve, Cloud Nine, in my opinion. It’s a hybrid with beautiful orange & red hues. It smells & tastes like red wine, chocolate & citrus. Elektra was actually the first strain by Legals Hemp that I tried. What a strain to start with! The relaxing yet energetic feeling kept me coming back for more!

Sweet Dreams is another of my favorites! It’s a hybrid that’s very soothing & has a piney taste & delightful aroma. Sweet Dreams is great for a chill day at home or a nice night smoke. With its high CBD content being 195mg, it is extremely relaxing. It feels like you’ve enjoyed a calming cup of chamomile tea. I believe this strain will be a staple in my castle.

Honolulu Craze had me crazing for more! It’s a sativa with pretty, light & airy buds. It also has a tropical taste. After enjoying Honolulu Craze, I felt great, mind & body. I felt clear headed & the high CBD content being 179mg, it made every little ache & pain go away. I highly recommend this strain & can’t wait to enjoy it again. It’s great for daytime use.

Cali Kush was one of my absolute favorites. It’s a nice, tranquilizing indica with bulky buds & has a purple hue. I’m a sucker for a divine indica!...& Cali Kush did not disappoint. With its CBD content being 155mg, it’s a relaxing strain great for nighttime use. I do believe this strain will also be a staple in my castle!

EVERY strain I’ve tried by Legals Hemp has been absolutely superior! Try it yourself & save 20% by using discount code PRINCESSCBD at checkout from Legals Hemp! Princess tested, Princess Approved! Follow me on Instagram for more product reviews. Join the Royal Family by clicking here.

Visit Legals Hemp by clicking here.
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