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Royal Review: Royal Remedies Hemp Flower

Royal Remedies SUVER HAZE

Hello Royal Family! Today I’ll be reviewing Royal Remedies CBD Hemp Flower. They were very generous & sent me two different strains for me to review for you all.

Royal Remedies CBD Hemp Flower uses only organically grown CBD hemp flower that has been hand trimmed and slow cured for a superior experience.
All of their products are lab tested & verified, so you can buy confidently knowing all proper guidelines have been followed. All of their CBD Hemp Flower is grown in the USA!

So let’s get into my review!

Let’s start with LIFTER.

 Lifter, by Royal Remedies DEFINITELY lives up to its name. They sent me two king sized pre-rolled cones filled with Lifter. Each cone burned perfect, no burning funny down one side or anything else unwanted.

Lifter is the PERFECT strain for your first session of the day. It left me feeling & uplifted. No paranoia, or any undesirable effects. Only the light synergy that I would compare to a cup of coffee, but without the jitters. Lifter is 100% Princess Approved & will become a staple here in my castle!

Next we have Suver Haze.

Suver Haze, by Royal Remedies was my personal favorite between the two strains! Though I found BOTH to be superior, I enjoyed the relaxing effect of Suver Haze. It gave me a warm, relaxing feeling. Tranquil without being tranquilizing. The perfect CBD Hemp Flower to enjoy on a chill, relaxing day. 

I also found Suver Haze to be a GREAT night time strain. It really helped me wind down after a day of physical therapy or hiking. I woke up the next morning without the occasional aches that can bother me. Perfect for what ails you physically without the knock out & undesirable effects of pain pills. Absolutely enjoyed it & will definitely be enjoying it again soon!

Both strains have been Princess tested & Princess approved!!!

Want to try Royal Remedies & save 20%? Just use discount code PRINCESSCBD at checkout. You can visit Royal Remedies website by clicking HERE.

You can also visit their Instagram by clicking HERE.


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