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Ask @princesscbd The Royal Q&A

Ask @princesscbd The Royal Q&A

Welcome back Royal Fam & thank you for checking out “Ask @princesscbd The Royal Q&A”! 

If you have a question you’d like me to answer, feel free to send me a DM via Instagram  or click here to email me at Questions will be answered here on my website. If you request to remain anonymous, I will absolutely honor your request.

Today’s question comes from an Instagram user who asks: 

“What do you use to clean your glass blunt”?

Thank you for your question! Luckily for you, me & every other glass blunt owner out there, keeping them clean is fairly simple.

If possible, swab the cooled, extinguished, emptied interior with a qtip after each use. When it comes time to do a heavy duty cleaning, fill a ziplock plastic bag with (at least) 90% isopropyl alcohol (91% pictured) & sea salt. In this case, since you’re cleaning a small piece, it will only require enough alcohol to submerge the glass part of the blunt (I don’t recommend submerging any plastic pieces or seals) & less than a teaspoon of sea salt. Make sure bag is sealed & shake to clean or swirl glass parts of piece around in alcohol & sea salt mixture. Be sure to rinse VERY WELL before enjoying your glass blunt after this cleaning process!

I hope this information was helpful to you or anyone else wondering “How to clean a glass blunt.” 💚✌️👸


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