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ROYAL REVIEW: Green Roads CBD Infused Chamomile Tea

ROYAL REVIEW: Green Roads CBD Infused Chamomile Tea 
Hello & welcome back, Royal Fam, I hope you’re all having a pleasant day. Today’s full ROYAL REVIEW is of CBD Infused Chamomile Tea by Green Roads World.

Before we get into today’s review, let me share a bit about Green Roads World...

Green Roads World’s Mission

“Offering Patients A Safe, Effective Alternative To Prescription Painkillers, Other Toxic Prescription And Over-The-Counter Drugs That Contain Harsh Chemical Compounds Alien To Nature’s Perfect Remedies”

Green Roads World’s Purpose

Inspiring HOPE And Restoring HAPPINESS Healing Your Mind, Your Body, Your Spirit. Paving The Way For Your State Of Well-Being.
ALL of Green Roads World’s products are 3rd-party tested by
 @princesscbd’s Royal Review
I enjoy countless things throughout my kingdom...princessdom?..a few examples; spending time with my beloved family, friends, my wife-our pets. I enjoy cbd/herb, music, art, a good mani/pedi, uniqueness & a warm mug of chamomile tea! Combine two from the above list & how could I not like it???🤷‍♀️
Tea + CBD = ?
When I opened my bag of Green Roads CBD Infused Chamomile Tea, I was greeted by the familiar sight & scent of soothing chamomile. Beautiful loose-leaf tea (it comes with 7 tea bags, however I used my castle’s royal teapot)! My eyes & nose would have never known they were looking at & smelling CBD infused tea, had my brain not known...even after brewing; just the sight & smell of 
soothing chamomile.

I gave up caffeine a while back, but still like to start my royal mornings in my castle with a warm beverage. My morning routine ALSO includes medicating. 

Green Roads CBD Infused Chamomile Tea tastes EXACTLY like a quality, fresh chamomile tea & left me personally feeling “light”-not “high”, of of tension, anxiety & I personally felt it naturally enhanced my mood, as CBD has been proven to do. 

I’ve enjoyed this tea several times to best give you my most accurate, 100% honest review, Royal Fam...& because it’s absolutely delicious! Therefore, I proclaim that Green Roads CBD Infused Chamomile Tea IS PRINCESS APPROVED!👸👍

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